SİM Mobilya Fabrikası

The firm was founded in 1955 by Mehmet İrfan Dolgun, also known as "SİM Memed" who graduated from Ankara Boys Technical Teacher’s Training School. He produced the S1 model chair which was the first portable mass production in Turkey in 1957. He has an important place in Turkish furniture history for his production of S2 model seating group in 1959, and franchising of the SV.3 model in all around Turkey. Also, Sim Furniture was the first firm to use blowguns in furnishing. The first fabrication sofa bed in Turkey was produced by Sim Furniture in 1972. Sim Furniture Factory produced all metal parts of furniture as well as the sofa bed clippers, in their own factory. They realized the first furniture export of Turkey by exporting their sofa beds and SV3 model sitting groups to Libya in 1975. The firm was established in a small workshop in a rental casting plant building between 1962 and 1969. Then the firm was moved to a factory building of 2500m2 located in an area of 7377m2 in the West of Ödemiş county of İzmir, designed and built by Mehmet İrfan Dolgun in 1969. The same year, the number of personnel reached to 70, and franchise number reached 194. Because there were some particular needs for the goods designed by Dolgun, many machines and tools used in the production in the factory was designed personally by himself and developed in time. Sim Furniture exhibits their portable sitting groups at the stands in İzmir Fair every year. This way they publicize their goods to all of Turkey, and they reach to the customers with their franchising system. Although Sim Furniture Factory stopped furniture production due to Dolgun’s health problems in 1979, Dolgun is currently producing wooden clothes and tie hangers, wooden wine stands, wooden lamp shades, pendant and lighting fittings.