Kare Metal

Sadi Öziş founded the metal workshop Kare Metal with sculptor İlhan Koman in 1953, and the two artists started to produce metal furniture for the first time in Turkey. With Sadi Çalık joining Kare Metal in 1958, the workshop put their stamp in history as an agent in Turkey in the modern furniture sector with their metal furniture designs. İlhan Koman left Kare Metal in 1958, and Sadi Çalık left in 1959, and thus Sadi Öziş continued his studies in Kare Metal alone until 1967. Öziş also continued his sculpture studies in this workshop, and he aroused great interest with his creations of sculpture-furniture both in Turkish and European media. Sadi Öziş founded Galeri-T which is one of the leading decoration offices in Turkey, with Gevher Bozkurt in 1962. He continued working until 1967.