Danyal ÇİPER

Çiper graduated from İTÜ in 1956. Long before he graduated, he had already planned to start his own business. He was an architect who set up his own business in 1958, and who dedicated his entire life to arts and design. For about 50 years until his death in 2008, he practiced architecture in Ankara with great passion. His most famous work was “Gemi Ev” (Özkanlar Residence) which was built in 1968 as a rare housing structure and considered as a benchmark in the memory of the city by citizens of Ankara. He has made a name for himself in the history of architecture with his unique style. As an architect, Çiper adopted Frank Lloyd Wright’s (a pioneer of Modern Architecture) cult organic architecture. He also followed the principle of Louis Sullivan’s “Form follows function” approach. According to him, form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” Çiper's great attention to the living environment, and his style in organic architecture can be seen in all his designs without any exceptions.