Mehmet İrfan DOLGUN

Founder of SİM Furniture, Mehmet İrfan Dolgun, also known as SIM Memed, was born in Ödemiş in 1928. He graduated from Ödemiş Boys School of Art, Ankara 2nd Art Institute and Ankara Boys Technical Teacher’s Training School, the Department of Woodworking in 1953. Then he was assigned to Bitlis Boys School of Art as a teacher. After working there for 2 months, he left for his military service. He started his first furniture workshop of 60m2 at the yard of the house he inherited from his grandfather in Ödemiş in 1955, and he founded SİM Furniture firm. After working for orders for one and a half years, he started portable mass production in 1957. Due to health reasons, he stopped the production of SİM Furniture Factory. He is currently producing wooden clothes and tie hangers, wooden wine stands, wooden lamp shades, and pendant and lighting fittings.