Mustafa PLEVNE

Mustafa Plevne stepped into the furniture sector by working in a factory that produces bedsteads, couches, sofas and berths in 1944. He decided to start his own business in 1959 after spending 15 years working in this sector summers and growing enthusiasm to the furniture sector. He founded Metal Furniture firm in that year. He produced metal furniture from 1959 to 1967, and after 1967 he leaned to design and made the implementations of designs of the world famous designers for the first time in Turkey. Other than the production of reproduced furniture, he cooperated with the prominent architecture offices and made indoor designs. He also made original designs that make an esthetic harmony of metal, wood and glass. The firm mostly produced home and office furniture during those years, and exhibited and sold these products at Metal Furniture shops in İstanbul/Modoko. The firm that produces furniture mostly made of metal for homes, offices, hotels and businesses, still serves in Modoko.