Born in İstanbul in 1950, Yavuz Irmak graduated from State Applied Fine Arts High School, the Department of Furniture-Interior Architecture with high ranking, and he was sent abroad in accordance with the law number 1416 by passing the exam for training abroad in order to be assigned to the position for the Department of Industrial Design which had been planning to found. He did a master’s degree in Milano Scuola Politecnica di Design School in 1977, and assigned as a faculty member to State Applied Fine Arts High School, the Department of Interior Architecture. After he founded the State Applied Fine Arts High School in Marmara University, the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1982, he took part in the establishment of the Department of Industrial Design. He was also entitled to have the proficiency diploma which is equal to PhD under the Social Sciences Institute, the Department of Interior Architecture in the same university. He was promoted to Assistant Professorship in 1990, and was appointed to Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty, the Department of Industrial Designs as a faculty member, and until 2003 he continued in this position. He also took part in the planning of the establishment of Arts and Design Department which was planned to be founded under Yeditepe Universitesi Fine Arts Faculty, and serve in Italian language. He was a lecturer both in Arts and Design Department and in Industrial Design Department. He is currently a faculty member in the Industrial Design Department established under Aydın University Faculty of Architecture and Design. During this period, he took part in various classes of master program, and was a consultant and a jury member for various Master and PhD thesis. He conducted research projects on “Design Education” for a year in various universities in New York, USA in 1997. Between 1982 and 1983, he designed and applied the Hagia Irini part of Anatolian Civilizations Exhibition, which he organized as part of the 18th of European Council. He has taken part in many design competitions and has received awards. He was also a jury member for many design competitions, and held personal painting exhibitions. He practiced his professional projects and created many designs that were produced and sold.