Furniture, as a design element is an important part of design theory as well as design history. It has acted both as a part of the architectural context and individually in history. The manifestation of modernism at the beginning of the 20th century can be indicated as a milestone regarding the whole history of furniture. However, when the history of furniture in Turkey in the 20th century is analyzed, it is observed that one can come across a limited literature about it. In this respect, the aim of the project is to highlight the modern furniture designed and produced in Turkey and to contribute to filling this gap.


The first stage of this project, officially known as Izmir University of Economics Scientific Research Project numbered A1308001/BAP-A024-K, is taking place between 2 September 2013 and 2 March 2015. The project is comprised of four components. These are an exhibition, a catalogue, a documentary film, and a digital archive. The exhibition material will comprise the furniture identified as important historic pieces through the literature research being carried out and related interviews with experts. The presentation of the furniture as a part of the exhibition will include 68 original furniture pieces and also a photographic presentation of 113 other pieces. The photographic survey was carried out professionally using a mobile photograph studio. The exhibition is believed to be an efficient way to present and examine the research, and also to create value in the eyes of the design world and the broader public. Furthermore, it is hoped to build an awareness regarding modern furniture designed and produced in Turkey, and to play a fundamental role in assisting other related research. Apart from the exhibition and related catalogue, a documentary film will also be created  presenting the stories and reviews of various designers, artisans, actors and other individuals involved in this very important historic movement. These personal testimonies of the time and design events we are researching are a vital part of this project giving important insights for future researchers.


Today, although difficult, it is still possible to find historical furniture from these significant periods. However, especially if the owner of furniture has changed, or it has not been preserved by the state, it will be next to impossible to track and preserve them in the future. A comprehensive documentation will help the formation of historiography about modern furniture in Turkey designed and produced in the 20th century.