Fikret TAN

Fikret Tan was born in İzmir-Bergama in 1937. Tan, a Master Interior Architect, graduated from the department of Interior Architecture, State Academy of Fine Arts. He started his own office when he was a junior student in 1963. Thinking that there are opportunities in the furniture sector in İzmir, Tan returned to İzmir in 1967, and founded a workshop called Form Dekorasyon where 200-300 people worked for him. Until his passing in 2000, he produced more than 300 works. He also made indoor designs outside Turkey, and some of his works are as follows: Orhan Ağaçlı Touristic Facilities (Aksaray), Ar-Tur Resort (Bodrum), Göreme Hotel (Göreme), Altın Yunus Touristic Facilities (Çeşme), Dinç Pension (Bodrum), Baç Pension (Bodrum), and Ergün Hotel (Uludağ).