He started the furniture business at the age of 11 in 1941. His talents for woodworking were noticed by his master quickly. His master said: “This boy will be our rival in the industry one day, he is very hardworking.” about him and fired him. So he started his own workshop. He opened his first shop in Yedikule, and became one of the most preferred masters in İstanbul with his talent in woodworking and curiosity for the new. He was commissioned to build the doors of Fatih Madrasa thanks to the view that he might be the only one for the job, and this brought new opportunities for his career. He decorated many shops in the Grand Bazaar, and also produced furniture. Minas Boyacıyan who has an excellence in production award, went to France to train on what he lacks in interior decoration. The first radio cabinet and sofa bed in Turkey was produced by Boyacıyan. His most important technique in woodworking is that he never uses nails. He opened center showrooms and workshops of Minas Furniture in 1967, and this way his experience in retailing grew. Minas Furniture still pays special attention to preserve their traditional craftsmanship. In their workshops they still have old-school materials such as hot glue (glue beads), hand presses, hammer plates and French polish.